Saturday, August 14, 2010

SCI/FI Ideas might sometimes not be that random...

Recently some Taiwanese researcher called Wun-Yi Shu published a new model of the universe which does not require a Big Bang. The funny thing is that in a SCI/FI short story I wrote a long time ago I made up an almost identical model.

As explained in this blog "Shu's idea is that time and space are not independent entities but can be converted back and forth between each other. In his formulation of the geometry of spacetime, the speed of light is simply the conversion factor between the two." Well, that's exactly what my character Howard A. Leonard writes in a letter at the beginning of my story "Tropezar con la misma piedra".

I find it quite funny that sometimes random ideas that are made up just to write a SCI/FI story can turn out to be not that random and make some sense after all :)